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City By Night Records | (CBNR009) Jay Rodger – Moments Of Silk
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(CBNR009) Jay Rodger – Moments Of Silk

Jay Rodger is a chameleon to the electronic world; an acoustic singer/songwriter gone producer, vocalist, and collaborator. You may know him as “Fragics” or “Koalesc”, as well. However, “Moments of Silk” is at the root of Jay’s artistry – a smooth and building acoustic folk song layered with vocal harmonies and subtle instrumentation. Tender, sweet, yet almost nostalgic at times, “Moments of Silk” brings listeners through a wave of emotion – but grounds them in a silky smooth lullaby-like chorus.

From the start City By Night has supported Jay Rodger, and believes he will do great things; thus including 2 remixes from the label managers themselves. Bruised Skies brings his ambient strengths out in his remix. Subtle vocal builds and a constant envelope of guitar make this a subtle, yet heart-wrenching version of the original.

Finally, Aeuria and Soular Order teamed up to create a fusion of power and sensitivity; characteristics that describe them as producers perfectly. With their “Moments of Silk” remix, you can expect to hear icy piano, distant vocals and a chorus that will leave your jaw hanging.

City By Night are truly proud to present “Jay Rodger’s Moments of Silk” With remixes from Bruised Skies and a collaboration between Soular Order and Aeuria.