Where to begin? We’ve been busy! As you may have seen, Bluereso recently returned to City By Night with his sophomore release “Residue”, which incidentally, is also our first ever vinyl release (also available on cassette). If you haven’t already, you can check it out on your favourite platform here. If you want to get your hands on a limited edition vinyl or cassette, you can head directly to our bandcamp store to purchase there.

This leads us onto some not so great news. COVID-19 has hit us just as hard as other businesses. Currently, all vinyl shipments will go ahead as usual for the time being, but unfortunately all cassette shipments will be delayed until April 1st. Shipping may begin before that, or after that, we simply don’t know at the moment. All of our cassettes are manufactured in-house in Austria, which is currently in lockdown, and we ship them from across the border in Germany. This means that as of this moment, we cannot manufacture, let alone ship any cassettes. This is also affecting our sister label Beatsupply.

With that in mind, please look out for each other in these trying times. Be mindful of others not so fortunate when buying supplies, and most of all, be safe.